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Generates a strongly-typed Object Context and POCO Entities from your EDMX file. Additionally a Repository and an abstract Unit Test for the Repository is created (with a mock for the ObjectContext and mock for the ObjectSets).

The "ADO.NET C# POCO Entity Generator" was originally developed by Microsoft.
It was forked by Rab Hallett under the name "ADO.NET Mocking Context Generator" (

This extension is a new fork by Johannes Hoppe.

With this download you will get a complete solution:
  • all functionalities of the ADO.NET C# POCO Entity Generator, which includes:
    • a compatible ObjectContext (replaces the “Entities-Class”)
    • all entity types as POCOs (Plain Old CLR Objects)
  • as well as:
    • an Interface for the ObjectContext
    • a mock of the ObjectContext (provides access to ObjectSets)
    • a mock that implements IObjectSet (stores data)
    • a partial Repository class
    • an abstract Unit Test class
    • optional: support for Microsoft Unity
    • optional: equality members for the POCOs (Equals and GetHashCode)

Install the Visual Studio Extension:

Get startet now:

Read the walkthrough:

Get some more information about Unit Testing:

Download the demo solution:

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